Accompaniment and advice

At Entheos, we have been accompanying and advising companies in biodynamic agriculture for more than 20 years.

Agriculture, Livestock and Biodynamic Preparations

Based on our own experience, we offer practical solutions for farmers and ranchers who want to apply and develop the technique of biodynamic agriculture on their farms and farmland. We advise and accompany our clients throughout the process of implementation and transformation of the land. Likewise, we have specialized advice on the whole process of soil regeneration and plant salutogenesis.

If you follow our work, you will know that for us there is nothing as important as regenerating the soil and taking care of the planet to create biodiversity and with it, that fertile soil that benefits us all so much.

Soil is a key element for agriculture and food, both of which are basic to our survival. Taking care of the soil is, therefore, a way to regenerate the ecosystem, the landscape and also our lives.

In this way and thanks to our experience, we wanted to go a step further and bring our model of sustainability and agroecology to all those companies that are ready to take the step, join the change and make this world a greener place.

How do we do it?

For our part, we seek to transmit all the information we have in your company so that you can make the most of everything we have learned over the years. Our work is aimed at advising and accompanying you on the path to biodynamic agriculture.

We believe that the only way to achieve this is by being part of your project, knowing in depth what you do and being able to help you from the inside, that is, by offering a close and personal treatment to both you and your company.

Thus, we follow three main steps that ensure the final success of our side dishes:

We study each plot (visualization and perception of the farm):

We know that the land is not always the same, so we pay attention to the different areas to be treated to make sure we recognize both the factors to be enhanced and the needs. The farm study includes an annual planning and action schedule with a firm commitment from the farm.

Crop monitoring

Our job is not only to tell you about the process, but to accompany you through all its stages. We keep a close eye on everything that happens so as not to let anything alter our objectives.

Development and use of preparations

Preparation and use of preparations. Once we have all the information and it is clear what we want to do and achieve, we get down to work with our biodynamic preparations that are made 100% by us, in our own farm and with raw material of exceptional quality.

In any case, we include all types of actions or advice beyond those mentioned above:

Use of Maria Thun’s calendar (knowledge work on the movements of planets and constellations in the cosmos and their influence and application on planet earth), livestock (holistic and vital management, animal nutrition, protection against diseases, monitoring and search for solutions aimed at improving the quality / quality of animal production), creation of the farm organism (enhancing life in the soil, salutogenesis of the farm), advice on obtaining the DEMETER seal as well as teaching introductory courses to biodynamic agriculture.

Let's work together!

If you need advice, training or are interested in taking any of our courses, please contact us.



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