We get along with the land

We get along with the land

At Entheos, we understand biodynamic agriculture as a concept that goes far beyond the form of cultivation, but rather it is understood, treated and worked taking into account the ecosystem as a whole; that is, we take into account processes such as the interaction between plants, soils, nutrients, microorganisms and animals. For us, the environment and sustainability are two key concepts in our work and day to day, so all the actions we carry out are always focused on both ideas.

-We are professionals with a determined vision towards sustainable development and with the commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients.

-We are experienced and want to meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally consistent manner, with sustainable development and a commitment to quality.

-Our services are environmental and agricultural consulting and advisory services for the public and private sectors.

-We also provide support for the organization of congresses, seminars, round tables and exhibitions.

“In continuous growth and expansion, enhancing the care of the land, working the fertility of the soil and the proliferation of native plants.”

Practical training

Among our training efforts, we place special emphasis on everything that surrounds the concept of sustainability and that will bring benefits to both the planet and your project:

– Specialized training in biodynamic agriculture based on more than 20 years of practical and empirical experience gained working with the land. Training on farms and from our farm, Entheos training center.

– We accompany any type of organization in the planning of integral or sectorial strategies aimed at improving sustainable development.

– We provide advice, procedures and generate benefits in terms of QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT for organizations.

– Advice on organic agricultural production, marketing of organic food and the implementation of other consumption models.

– Green entrepreneurship and rural revitalization.

– Introduction of agroecological food in school canteens and other communities.

– Sustainable municipalities: gardens, parks, (peri)urban agriculture.

– Silviculture and forest and woodland management; maintenance of the entire forest ecosystem.


The process of land regeneration is complex but vital to the pursuit of sustainability through biodynamic agriculture, therefore, our accompanying plans include:

– Study of each plot
– Crop monitoring
– Processing of use and preparations

We research and communicate

Our team of professionals carries out important outreach work on the subject of biodynamic agriculture and the impact it has on both the ecosystem and the environment. To this end, we have three lines of work specially designed and directed to this end:

– Elaboration of didactic and informative material.

– Organization and dynamization of conferences and dissemination campaigns with sustainable criteria.

– Research on consumption, short marketing circuits, conservation and rural development.

For us, it is very important to defend and apply the sensitive crystallization method to appreciate the vitality of a food. This concept was created by the German biochemist Erhenfried Pfeifer who wondered if it would be possible to develop an experimental method that would allow studying the world of life from an unconventional parameter, to study “the etheric”. We believe that conventional processes that allow us to know if the water is potable or if there is hazardous organic matter are not sufficient. We need to know if what we eat is a living, vital and healing food.

Today, those of us who understand the land and its products in a different way rely on this method.


– Mix a drop of blood or tissue extract with a 30% solution of copper cholide.

– Incorporate 5ml of this mixture in a 9 cm diameter cupel to dehydrate in a regulated enclosure.

– Make sure that the sample is isolated from any mechanical disturbance and that it has a regulated temperature maintained at 30º and a hygrometry of 58 to 60%.

– This process will result in what we know as the crystallization image. Looking at this image, it is impossible not to appreciate the quality of the being’s vitality.

On the other hand, it is interesting to use this method to compare, for example, an organic apple versus an ordinary apple, at a glance and even if you do not understand this type of subject, you will know immediately which food is worthwhile.

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We present our work from Entheos. Taking care of the planet, regenerating the soil is possible.
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We present our work from Entheos. Taking care of the planet, regenerating the soil is possible.
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Our Work

We present our work from Entheos. Taking care of the planet, regenerating the soil is possible.
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We present our work from Entheos. Taking care of the planet, regenerating the soil is possible.
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