Demeter Certification

Demeter Certification

Demeter Certification

Demeter Certification

As you know, at entheos we are fully committed to biodynamic agriculture, that is why we are a company that accompanies and collaborates in the whole process of farm certification.

Now, what is Demeter?

Demeter is the brand name for biodynamic agricultural products and can only be used by farmers or processors who have signed a contract and who are inspected and certified by the Demeter organization of the respective country.

By achieving strict and complete verification of the process, you ensure compliance with the Demeter Standard for production and processing of the products. In our case, we make sure that this happens from the beginning of the process (in the field production) to the packaging of the final product and always taking into account all the intermediate steps.

It is important for us to emphasize the role that this regulation plays for the future. The moment food passes this certification, we are counting on richer food and without any doubt, infinitely healthier.

The story behind the name

In 1932, in order to give a name to products, fields or even organizations belonging to the methods of biodynamic agriculture, the name “Demeter” began to be used, as this is the name of the Greek goddess of agriculture.

With the passage of time, this system began to gain momentum which led, in 1997, 19 international organizations (all Demeter) to found the Demeter Association International, which is in charge of Demeter certificates worldwide. In our case, Spain took longer to join these new processes, at that time only Gran Canaria had founded an association for the biodynamic culture. The countries that signed at that time were Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Years later, in 2013, all countries voted unanimously for Spain’s entry.

Three years later, they decided to use a single logo for all the biodynamic products thus certified worldwide (including textiles, cosmetics… the number reached, at that time, 3500) and the Demeter brand would start to grow.

Demeter International

In terms of operation, each country has an official office that manages the certificates of each country and, in the event that this office does not exist in a country, then the general office is in charge. However, there are different regulations for the use of the Demeter and related marks, for example:

“In accordance with Demeter regulations in effect as of 01/05/2021:

International regulations for the use of the DEMETER, Biodynamic®, and related trademarks – general section. The regulations for the use of the DEMETER®, Biodynamic® and related marks establish the criteria within which these products are certified. Wherever the word, stylized word, logo or trademark “Demeter” appears in these standards, the terms Biodynamic® or Biodynamic® are implied. These regulations provide the legal, binding basis for all contracting parties, and thus ensure the quality and integrity of DEMETER products, Biodynamic and related brands. All products bearing DEMETER®, Biodynamic® and related trademarks are produced and processed in accordance with these standards and are inspected and certified by the responsible authority in the respective countries. Fundamental to all Demeter activity and products is the recognition that we depend on the bounty of the natural world and human activity to nourish, care for and clothe human beings. These regulations articulate how the natural world and humanity can support each other and work collaboratively. This document is called “International Standard for the Certification and Use of the Demeter, Biodynamic® and Related Marks” or “Demeter Biodynamic International Standard” or abbreviated “BFDI Standard”.

At Entheos, we take care of advising you on the application and the process of obtaining the Demeter Certificate. Regulatory compliance is much more complex than in the case of organic agriculture, so achieving this certification is sometimes a long and costly process. From Entheos and thanks to our experience, we will facilitate the way.

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