Biodynamic preparations

Biodynamic preparations

As you know, at Entheos we are specialists in biodynamic agriculture and to achieve that vitality of the soil so characteristic of this agricultural method, there are certain steps in which we must take special care. Without any doubt, all those natural and sustainable substances that we apply to our soils are a fundamental part of the process; we call these biodynamic preparations.

Each of the biodynamic preparations we use are carefully elaborated by ourselves, in our own farm, with raw materials of exceptional quality.

“In this way, what we achieve with these preparations is not only to strengthen the quality of the compost, but we also multiply the microbial diversity, we give the soil a better sensitivity (predisposition) for the composting process and we tune our soil with the rest of the farm organism.”

Biodynamic preparations provide the conditions for the life impulse to appear, seeking the natural balance of the ecosystem.

The work of caring for the soil is completed with the application of natural and sustainable substances in the soil, as well as in the vegetative part of the plant, these substances are called biodynamic preparations. These preparations were made from plant, animal and mineral components that nourish the soil, increase the life of the soil and give structure, producing a strengthening of the metabolic-immunological system of the plant, achieving perfect harmony.

Elaboration process:

Types of Biodynamic Preparations (BP)


Elaborated and matured inside a PB 500 horn or biodynamic preparation of manure, and PB 501 or silica preparation.


PB 502 Myelenrama preparation; PB 503 Chamomile preparation; PB 504 Nettle; PB 505 Oak Bark; PB 506 Dandelion; PB 507 Valerian.
Compost PBs transform the quality of compost through stabilization of nitrogen and other nutrients, increasing microbial diversity and bringing qualities and regularity to the compost maturation process. When biodynamic compost reaches the soil, it increases soil life, re-growth and stabilizes organic matter.

Of soil

By incorporating the biodynamic preparation into the soil, the life and fertility of the soil is enhanced, creating harmonious living conditions and bringing fungi, bacteria, yeasts, microorganisms and living beings into harmony.
There is an organization and balance of all the micro and macro beings that have to act in order to provide the necessary nutrients for the plant.


They help in the strengthening and organization of the plant, in everything related to the vegetative processes of growth, flowering and fruiting, to increase the quality/quality of food.

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