Practical training and events

Practical training and events

At Entheos, we live the world of biodynamic agriculture 100%, we learn it, we apply it and we also teach it to you. For years we have specialized in this type of agriculture, experimenting with everything we knew in order to optimize our processes and results and thus, be able to offer our clients a unique experience that allows you to not only achieve your objectives, but also improve them.

We are a training center specialized in biodynamic agriculture, with a certified degree, aimed at both professionals in the sector and people interested in organic agriculture and a natural lifestyle.

We work training in the knowledge and implementation of biodynamic methods for professionals, students and those interested in the subject; anyone who wants to understand what our land is like and its needs in order to optimize the way of cultivation, the benefits of what is harvested and to be able to work the land and manage the fincas in the best possible way. At the end of our trainings you will have the necessary tools to independently develop your own biodynamic project.
In this way, we have training, courses and events whose methodology is designed entirely focused on you and your work.

Our training courses:

Annual classroom training

If you are starting from scratch, our biodynamic agriculture introductory training is the perfect choice. It has a theoretical basis to know in depth this agricultural method, to then give way to the practical part in our own center and nearby farms. This mix will ensure that at the end of the training, you will have the necessary knowledge both on and off the field.

On-Line Training

We don’t always have the time and availability we want, but we do have the desire to learn. Our on-line training is designed to adapt to your pace, time and needs but always without altering the content or the objective; learn the same as in person.
Designed so that you can do it at your own pace, dedicating the time you need for learning.

Small knowledge

For those who already have advanced knowledge or have specific interests, we have training pills of approximately two days in topics related to biodynamic agriculture and more specifically, natural health. On our website we will keep you informed of their availability, but some examples would be: composting training, elaboration, use and use of biodynamic preparations, biodynamic calendar, crop rotation and association, farm organism, medicinal plants, phytotherapy, crystallizations, astronomy and handicrafts.

All the above-mentioned training courses, although different, share three factors that make them the best options: they are attractive and interesting, easy to assimilate and practical. You will learn fast, you will learn well and you will know how to put it into practice at the right time.

Our Courses

For those who are not looking for long training courses, we offer a wide range of courses where both knowledge and practice are highly concentrated to get the most out of our professionals. For example, we have courses where you can find real explanations on the understanding of the vegetative cycles in the seasonal moments of the year and on the transformation towards a living and structured soil.
Our next courses will be shown here.


A privileged space surrounded by a natural environment.

For us, biodynamic agriculture is not only our work, it is part of our daily life, of our way of understanding and valuing the planet and therefore, we want to take it to the last corner. For this reason, we do not only want to train and implement, we want to infect you, put you in contact with other professionals, generate meeting points for all those who always want to know more about biodynamic agriculture and thus, be able to learn and continue to grow.
We have open and harmonized spaces conducive to the meeting. In our spacious EOS room, different social or corporate events can be held.

Our EOS room is designed as a meeting center, perfect for holding everything from professional congresses to family celebrations or artistic and movement activities.

Let's work together!

If you need advice, training or are interested in taking any of our courses, please contact us.



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